September 29, 2023

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Exploring the Prospective of Investing in Water: A Scarce Commodity on the Increase

As fears bordering water shortage carry on to expand, numerous viewers have been questioning regardless of whether investing in drinking water is a feasible choice. In this blog site post, we will delve into the subject matter and examine the prospective value of investing in water as a commodity that is starting to be more and more scarce. Whilst drinking water-associated trade-traded cash (ETFs) exhibit a identical set up to the S&P 500, there are two personal firms that stand out due to their chart setups. Let us examine the information.

H2o Shortage and Value Appreciation

One particular elementary theory of economics is that when a item or commodity turns into ever more scarce, its worth tends to rise. H2o shortage is a developing world wide worry, pushed by variables this kind of as population development, local weather modify, and pollution. As the demand for h2o surpasses the readily available supply, investing in this crucial resource gets to be an intriguing proposition.

Chart Setups of H2o-Linked ETFs

Even though the charts of drinking water-connected ETFs exhibit similarities to the S&P 500, it is essential to note that earlier performance does not promise foreseeable future selling price action.

Let’s glimpse at the Dow Jones US Drinking water Index and one h2o ETF, in a major down tactic.

We appear at the every month chart of the Dow Jones US H2o Index, the month-to-month chart (longest timeframe). This chart has been nothing but phenomenal in conditions of a slow but continual increase considering the fact that 2010-2011. The index has risen 6x before setting up the retracement in the very first 7 days of January 2022. It arrived down 20% given that then.

What stands out is a relatively crucial test of support right now, investors could like to give a lot more time to this index to demonstrate out that it can produce a bullish reversal. IF it does so, it will occur with a really nice lengthy time period entry prospect.

The Invesco S&P Worldwide Drinking water Index ETF (image CGW) is tracking principally US based mostly drinking water utilities stocks. What can be seen from the weekly chart, on 7 several years, is a pattern similar to the S&P 500.

CGW water ETF chart

Nevertheless, in this context, two unique companies have exhibited noteworthy chart setups, indicating likely investment decision prospects.

American H2o Will work Company

American Drinking water Operates Enterprise (symbol AWK) has demonstrated a bullish extensive-term reversal pattern on its chart. This reversal appears a little more robust than that of the S&P 500, suggesting the company’s possible for sustained advancement. This can make it an intriguing prospect for traders in search of exposure to the drinking water sector.

AWK stock chart

Observe that American Drinking water Will work Company is component of the Invesco S&P Worldwide Water Index ETF demonstrated earlier mentioned, it is 1 of the crucial holdings in that ETF.

Companhia de saneamento Basico do Estado De Sao Paulo

Companhia de saneamento Basico do Estado De Sao Paulo, also recognized as Sabesp, image SBS, has been consolidating for the earlier 10 several years. This extended consolidation section suggests a considerable buildup of power. If and when Sabesp breaks out from its ten-yr foundation, it has the likely to result in a highly effective rally, creating it a further enterprise really worth taking into consideration for h2o-targeted investments.

SBS stock chart

Criteria for Water Investments

Traders ought to approach drinking water investments with careful thought. Water ETFs generally do not supply the identical level of leverage as opposed to investing in broad current market indices like the S&P 500. However, the likely for sustained expansion in the water sector will make it an desirable very long-term expenditure chance.

When contemplating individual firms like American Drinking water Is effective Firm and Sabesp, buyers have to carry out thorough research and analysis. Things to think about consist of the companies’ monetary health and fitness, aggressive positioning, growth prospective clients, and the regulatory environment in which they run. Understanding these nuances can aid investors make educated selections about allocating funds to the h2o sector.


Investing in drinking water, a commodity that is turning out to be more and more scarce, holds opportunity for extensive-phrase benefit appreciation. While water-associated ETFs might not provide leverage similar to wide market place indices, unique companies this kind of as American Water Functions Firm and Sabesp existing one of a kind financial investment possibilities. American H2o Works Company’s bullish prolonged-term reversal sample and Sabesp’s consolidation section deliver persuasive reasons to contemplate these corporations. However, buyers have to perform thorough investigation and analysis to evaluate the economic health and fitness and progress potential clients of these businesses right before creating financial commitment selections.

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