September 28, 2023

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Good Property, Well being Tech, and All the things Else We Noticed at CES

Michael Calore: Great.

Julian Chokkattu: Sensible.

Adrienne So: Since by God, I will not be standing in a line for horrible coffee for 20 minutes when I have to get to a press meeting. I am just going to brew that up in my space even though I’m acquiring completely ready, getting dressed in the early morning. And I am ready to face the hoards of people today the minute I get out of my tower. This is a complete match changer. This was the very first year the place I was just like, “Oh, I am a professional at this. I am entirely caffeinated and all set to go.”

Michael Calore: Is this a collapsible kettle?

Adrienne So: Of course. It truly is 1 of all those collapsible silicone kettles.

Michael Calore: Nice.

Adrienne So: Yeah, so I failed to even have to, I didn’t verify just about anything. It really is about, I received it off of Amazon for about $30.

Michael Calore: In no way read of it.

Adrienne So: I know. It’s about an inch thick when it can be completely compressed, and it is really entirely big adequate to brew just one cup of espresso with an AeroPress.

Julian Chokkattu: And you introduced your have floor beans, I suppose?

Adrienne So: I introduced the filters, I introduced the beans. I felt definitely bad about it essentially. I felt like I need to notify all of you guys that I have coffee in my place. But then it was just like, “But then they’d be in right here waking me up.”

Michael Calore: Secret’s out.

Adrienne So: I know.

Michael Calore: My AeroPress Go has been to three CES’s now.

Adrienne So: Mike, is your electrical power move my electrical power move?

Michael Calore: Properly, I imply, I passed it along, I subconsciously handed it together.

Adrienne So: No you didn’t. No, it was not subconsciously. I think I observed your … Did you provide a Fellow kettle 1 12 months?

Michael Calore: No, it was my Bonavita swan neck.

Adrienne So: Oh my God. Totally various.

Julian Chokkattu: Wait around, what?

Michael Calore: My temperature-controlled swan-neck kettle.

Julian Chokkattu: Wow.

Michael Calore: Yeah, I experienced to carry recording gear so we could report the podcast. I have new recording products now, which is much lesser. So I did not need to have the next suitcase, so the kettle experienced to go. I have just been ingesting like … I’ve been consuming plebeian espresso from the coffee shop downstairs. Not the awesome bougie Adrienne espresso.

Adrienne So: I know. So, Okay, so my genuine hack is that I did not bring the swan neck. The hack is the collapsible travel kettle that you can place in your have-on.

Julian Chokkattu: I truly feel like kettles ought to just be a factor in each individual hotel home, suitable?

Michael Calore: They ought to be.

Julian Chokkattu: They really should be.

Adrienne So: Yeah. But folks just do horrible issues to or with them. Is that why they never have them? Let’s not speculate. I will not know. Would they clean their underwear in them. I you should not know. This is how you could explain to I have not experienced coffee. I’m sorry.