March 26, 2023

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Misconceptions in Investing in a Commodity Futures ETF

We feel commodity futures offer just one of the most direct strategies of getting publicity to the expected demand from customers raise for the components critical for the electricity transition.

Irrespective of this actuality, commodity-primarily based equities continue being a well known way that buyers decide on to get publicity to commodities needed for the vitality changeover. This largely will come down to misconceptions about the hazards in allocating to ETFs holding commodity futures, such as the Harbor Vitality Transition Strategy ETF (RENW).

Worry of the impact of carry¹ in futures can be a main motive why lots of buyers stay away from futures-centered ETFs, but this is mainly misunderstood. Though the effect of have in commodity futures has historically been a drag on returns, this has varied drastically by both sector and person commodity, reflecting storage prices and source and demand balances.2

Even so, we consider we can expect tighter source and demand from customers dynamics heading forward due to the shortage of the commodities crucial to the vitality changeover, that means that it’s acceptable to be expecting buyers will bid up spot charges3 thanks to issues about restricted offer.

The results of this source and need dynamic can outweigh storage charges, ensuing in backwardation4 — wherever location rates are better than deferred, getting to be a negative drag (constructive addition) to trader returns. This was noticed in the S&P GSCI in 2022, as returns outperformed spot price ranges by approximately 15% concerning January 1 and November 30.

Whilst buyers are cautious of the threats of commodity futures, the risks of commodity equities are frequently understated. Notably, the decrease correlation5 of commodity equities and spot prices usually means the returns of any commodity fairness financial commitment are dependent on a number of factors that are not similar to the returns of the fundamental commodity

Other dangers constrained to commodity equities incorporate:

  • Fairness current market danger, which occurs from sentiment and financial commitment flows broadly impacting fairness marketplaces
  • Commodity output threat, because of to improvements in the rate of the commodity currently being developed by the company
  • Management dangers (economic possibility or reputational or lawful)
  • Commodity input possibility if input expenses increase for uncooked materials or labor and
  • Place hazards, which come up from the location in which the enterprise operates.

For much more information, details, and evaluation, check out the Sector Insights Channel.

1) Have is the return related with basically holding an expenditure.
2) Quantix Commodities, LP, December 2022
3) Location price tag is the current price in the marketplace at which a specified asset can be bought or marketed for immediate delivery. 
4) Backwardation is the market place problem where the price tag of a commodity’s contract is trading underneath the expected spot price at contract maturity.
5) Correlation is a statistic that steps the diploma to which two variables shift in relation to each and every other. 

Buyers really should thoroughly take into account the expense aims, dangers, expenses and bills of a Harbor fund before investing. To acquire a summary prospectus or prospectus for this and other info, go to or contact 800-422-1050.  Examine it very carefully in advance of investing.

All investments include threat like the achievable reduction of principal. Remember to refer to the Fund’s prospectus for added threats linked with the Fund. For the Fund’s prospectus and most recent efficiency, you should click: RENW

Commodity Risk: The Fund has exposure to commodities by way of its and/or the Subsidiary’s investments in commodity-joined by-product devices. Authorized Participant Concentration/Buying and selling Danger: Only authorized individuals (“APs”) could interact in development or redemption transactions instantly with the Fund. Commodity-Joined Derivatives Possibility: The Fund’s investments in commodity-joined derivative instruments (possibly instantly or by way of the Subsidiary) and the monitoring of an Index comprised of commodity futures may possibly matter the Fund to considerably better volatility than investments in classic securities. 

Strength Transition Chance: The commodities included in the Index may perhaps become less representative of vitality transition trends above time and the Fund’s investments may well be appreciably impacted by federal government and corporate guidelines.

The S&P GSCI index measures the performance of common selling price actions and inflation in the environment economic system. It is developed to be investable by like the most liquid commodity futures, and offers diversification with minimal correlations to other asset courses.

Quantix Commodities, LP is the subadvisor for the Harbor Energy Transition Approach (RENW)

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Foreside Fund Solutions, LLC is the Distributor of the Harbor ETFs.