October 3, 2023

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Nissan GT-R designer pens a light-weight carbon EV “drivers car”

One of the most refreshing and elegantly very simple models we have found on an auto in a lot of a yr, the Aim EV Sport 01 is a notion automobile from Japanese automotive engineering consultancy Aim, but the style operate was carried out by legendary Japanese designer Shiro Nakamura. Nakamura could have retired from his several Chief Inventive Officer roles at main brands, but he nonetheless gets included in assignments that excite him by using his personal organization SN Platform.

Shiro Nakamura was the head of design who was at the rear of Nissan’s renaissance below Carlos Ghosn, and has served as Main Innovative Officer at Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun and had stints at a range of other big makers, most notably Normal Motors.

His entire body of get the job done most notably includes several legendary sports cars such as many of Nissan’s Z-Sequence models (such as the 350Z and 370Z), and the famous Nissan GT-R, creating him just one of the heroes who served democratize off-the-showroom-flooring supercar overall performance for all those who won’t be able to afford to pay for a Prancing Horse.

You may well not previously have heard of Intention, or its EV Activity 01, but if you are into sporting activities automobiles, the likelihood are that you have pushed a car or truck penned by Shiro Nakamura who has been dependable for quite a few legendary automobiles these kinds of as the Nissan Cube, quite a few versions in the Nissan Z motor vehicle lineage, the fabled Nissan GT-R, plus other Nissan’s such as the Murano, Qashqai, Juke and LEAF. At Infiniti the M, Fx and Essence were created underneath Nakamura’s direction. Without a doubt, it really is quite doable that Nakamura has his fingerprints on more athletics cars than any other solitary designer on the world.

Car Council

Purpose President and Main Executive Officer, Yukinori Suzuki is a particular mate of Shiro Nakamura and the pair attended the 2022 Goodwood Competition of Pace together, wherever the suggestions that have gelled collectively into the Intention EV Activity 01 were first hatched.

“The vision for the Goal EV Sport 01 was rapidly, and pleasurable to generate, whilst the mainstream craze for EVs is AWD, the character of this vehicle named for a RWD configuration,” stated Suzuki. “Having created our have collection of superior electric powered motors, the Goal EV Sport 01 is also the perfect way to showcase our experience in advanced powertrain enhancement.”

Suzuki will be 1 of the individuals at the Goodwood Pageant of Speed next weekend, the place he will generate the EV Activity 01 up the famous Goodwood hill.

Whilst bleeding-edge supercars at the time propagated in dozens of units per landmark product, then at most 500 units per product, the Nissan GT-R has been leaving the Nissan manufacturing facility at additional than 10,000 models a yr for extra than a 10 years, and however the nickname of “Godzilla” originated prior to the current R35 product, supporters still use it with reverence and relevance simply because it is however the benchmark for millions of efficiency vehicle fans across the planet.

Shiro Nakamura and AIM President/CEO Yukinori Suzuki unveil the EV Sport 01 at the Japanese Auto Council on 14 April 2023.
Shiro Nakamura and Purpose President/CEO Yukinori Suzuki unveil the EV Sport 01 at the Japanese Vehicle Council on 14 April 2023.

So the involvement of Shiro Nakamura in this undertaking is hugely suitable and especially fascinating since it is an electric car and it will not go down the similar “never mind the high-quality, feel the width” path that each and every other would-be supercar maker has absent in their to start with iteration of employing power saved as electricity.

It appears to be that most car or truck makers consider that everybody would like 1,000 hp below their appropriate foot, when in actual point, acquiring all that horsepower will make a heavier car or truck with heaps extra batteries and means robustness should be additional to just about every single ingredient in the motor vehicle. The brakes have to have to be more substantial and a lot more powerful to prevent more bodyweight from more rapidly speeds, the suspension ought to function more durable, the tires ditto and managing receives worse with every single further kilogram of excess weight.

There’s a different component that may possibly not still have come home to roost for the purveyors of 1,000-hp luxury cars and trucks and that is that 1,000 hp is terrifying to the regular individual, and though we might all like to think that we’re a Max Verstappen with no the options, 99.9% of people on the world would pale at the practical experience of seeking to retain a 500-hp vehicle going in a straight line. Pushing a throttle with that considerably consequence beneath it helps make tires spin and automobiles go sideways, and it compresses your bowel and your eyeballs and your brain.

The comparitive specifications of Shiro Nakamura's last masterpiece and his latest work, with the key differences highlighted. Shorter wheelbase, lighter, more torque and slightly less power all back up Nakamura's promise that the essence of the AIM EV Sport 01 is all about turning the wheel and riding the torque with the go-pedal.
The comparitive specifications of Shiro Nakamura’s final masterpiece and his most recent function, with the essential distinctions highlighted. Shorter wheelbase, lighter, far more torque and a little a lot less electric power all again up Nakamura’s assure that the essence of the Intention EV Sport 01 is all about turning the wheel and using the torque with the go-pedal.


In brief, Nakamura is proposing utilizing the twin electrical motors to offer you a predictable surge of outrageous horsepower that can be mediated with software program and torque vectoring to allow the ordinary individual to generate like a hero without having (substantially) hero-like reflexes and co-ordination.

This makes substantially a lot more sense than the battalion of 1,000-hp supercars that will squabble about a small market while your common sportscar aficionado will graduate from their Nissan GT-R or Z-auto, Toyota GR86 and Mazda Miata to a car with additional electrical power and far more driveability … like the Intention EV Sport 01.

Shiro Nakamura wanted the EV Sport 01 to "express dynamism with sophisticated elegance through a simple, clean design." Check out the pics of the car in the image gallery for this article and we think you'll agree that he

Shiro Nakamura required the EV Sport 01 to “specific dynamism with refined elegance via a uncomplicated, cleanse style and design.” Examine out the pictures of the vehicle in the picture gallery for this article and we consider you can expect to agree that he has unquestionably realized his aim.

“Designing sports vehicles is a intricate exercising in packaging, general performance and fashion,” explained Shiro Nakamura. “We realized from the spirit of the excellent sports activities autos of the previous, aided by the RWD configuration and structure. I needed to convey dynamism with refined class as a result of a basic, clean up style. The EV Sport 01 has negligible sort language and avoids exaggerated and complicated surfaces, reminiscent of the excellent European and Japanese sports activities cars and trucks of the 1960’s. Specified that inspiration, it is significantly fitting we can display our motor vehicle at Goodwood,” continued Shiro.

The interior of the AIM EV Sport 01

The interior of the Intention EV Sport 01

Even though the Aim EV Activity 01 was created as a idea and showcase for the abilities of the Goal Enterprise, early reaction to the auto next its reveal at the Japanese Auto Council in April has encouraged the business to create a feasibility examine for a limited series manufacturing operate.

Further, the company is continuing to invest in its have EV powertrain methods for both OEM clients and potentially for its have vehicles beyond the EV Sport 01.