New York attorney general is ready ‘each and every day’ to seize Donald Trump’s property

Attorneys representing the New York attorney general’s office have issued a firm response to former US President Donald Trump’s assertions regarding his inability to furnish a bond to cover a substantial fine for business fraud, and signaling a potential escalation of legal actions against him.

Donald Trump faces Monday's deadline for fraud bonds as NYC Attorney General Letitia James threatens to seize every bit of his property.(Reuters/AP)
Donald Trump faces Monday’s deadline for fraud bonds as NYC Attorney General Letitia James threatens to seize every bit of his property.(Reuters/AP)

The office of Attorney General Letitia James has already warned that action will kick off on Monday, which is Trump’s deadline to secure a bond of $454 million required in defending a civil fraud judgment during the legal battle. Immediately, the homily election campaign went into action towards this with an appeal to the supporters to provide their financial correlates because of the threats by the opponents on his New York enterprises.

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Letitia James poised to take action against Trump Tower

“Keep your filthy hands off of Trump Tower!” reads a rallying cry from a joint fundraising committee, rallying Trump’s loyal base to stand against any encroachment on his iconic properties.

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According to Saturday’s New York Post, Trump may let Monday pass without comment to fall back on his attorney general, who is determined to take the heat against Trump Tower, a symbol of his real estate business and political aspirations and may even bring legal action against the building.

Just a few days ago, Trump’s legal team claimed that the implicitly high postage of a $454 million bond covering a civil fraud forfeiture had been declined by all 30 surety companies due to impracticability.

Bearing the doubts of James’s office dated back to the previously reported accounts of Trump by CNN, Fan, the senior assistant solicitor general, was actually skeptical about the timing and accuracy of Trump’s assertions in his allegation.

However, Donald Trump’s fortunes couldn’t lag behind his financial management abilities. The numerous court battles the billionaire keeps losing negatively affected his finances. As illustrated by the Court Judge Engoron’s decision earlier this year (Judge Arthur Engoron), Donald Trump, his company, and top executives were all party to that scheme that saw the financial institutions receiving the hefty fine amount of $355 million together with interests. As interest compounded daily, the penalty received a new sum that increased over time, and then Trump was in serious financial trouble.

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James says he is “each and every day” to seize Trump’s properties, including the towering Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan, should the need arise.

“Before the day is over, I’m calling on one million pro-Trump patriots to chip in,” Trump’s campaign plea piped in.

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